• Cleaning Recommendations for Windows

    Windows play a vital role in your day to day living. First, they let you see and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. Second, windows allow you to turn off your air conditioning unit to feel the cool wind as it enters your room, letting you save money on your electrical bills. Third, windows add more elegance and beauty to your home, so they put more value to your property. These things made windows highly beneficial for homeowners and even commercial property owners.

    While they give those benefits to you, windows deserve the best care and regular maintenance. It does not mean that you need to clean them every day, but you must pay attention to them for at least twice every year. Windows are at their best when they are cleaned and well-maintained regularly. They do not require you to spend hours in getting the job done. You just need to learn things that you can do to make the job easier to finish.

    Here are a few useful techniques on how you should clean your windows inside and out:

    1. Start cleaning your windows by washing them on one part with some horizontal strokes. Work on the other side with vertical strokes. You must do it for a reason. By using this technique, it will be easier to pinpoint the side of your windows that have a streak.
    2. Use the squeegee with a lengthy handle to clean your windows. If you don’t have that kind of tool, and you can use a combination of squeegee/sponge for preventing streaks on the big windows.
    3. Eliminate the small scratches on the glass. You can do this through polishing those affected regions by using your favourite toothpaste.
    4. Washing the windows must be carried out during one cloudy day. It is because the direct sunlight can dry out the cleaning solutions even before you could use them to make the glass shine.
    5. Make use of a cotton or soft toothbrush for cleaning the corners and other hard to reach places.
    6. For that beautiful extra shine to your precious window glass, you can polish the windows by using old fabric diapers or well-washed cottony fabrics. There’s a nice alternative for any of those two, though. You can rub a neat eraser for the blackboard through a newly washed, cleaned and dried windows to give them that crystal clear, diamond-like shine.
    7. You can also use some crumpled newspapers when you want to polish your windows. The paper will leave a film which is proven dirt-resistant.
    8. You can also wash the windows from top to down for preventing drips.
    9. Always keep in mind that the window cleaners available in the market these days can be quite dangerous to woodwork. If you use window cleaners, make sure that you won’t allow them to drip on your windowsill wherein they could touch and destroy the paint or the applied varnish to your furniture and walls.

    You should be careful always when trying to make your windows shine and look new. Follow these tips from the experts in Kingston, and you’ll get the best results after your efforts. Call Kingston Glass Repair today for more info!